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Instant Hand Sanitizer


Instant Hand Sanitizer:
A no-rinse antiseptic hand gel for topical application.

  • McKesson brand, Medi-Pak™ Performance.
  • Active Ingredient: Ethanol 64.5%
  • Kills more than 99% of most bacteria on skin.
  • Protects against infection and cross-contamination.
  • Contains emollients to keep skin soft and prevent dry skin from multiple uses.
  • Convenient and ready to use; no water or towels necessary.
  • No sticky residue!
  • Latex-Free.
  • Aloe-free.

Available in 4oz. (118 ml) squeeze bottles and 8oz. (236 ml) and 15oz. (430 ml) pump bottles.

* This product has not been tested on animals.
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