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ZOLL’S AED Plus™ is the only AED that offers:

Real CPR Help™ that can see your chest compressions and provide you with real-time, interactive, instantaneous feedback that guides you to the AHA’s recommended rate (100 compressions per minute) and depth (1.5 to 2 inches).
• Real CPR Help™ means it works all the time in every rescue. Other AEDs don’t work when it’s time to do CPR because they are blind, can’t see CPR, and can’t help you.
• Support for the complete Chain of Survival as taught by the American Heart Association (AHA), starting with checking responsiveness and ending with CPR.
• A one-piece electrode pad for fast, accurate, and easy electrode placement that has a 5 year shelf life
Power from an array of ten lithium camera batteries (available at retail) whose fail-safe redundant circuitry guarantees rescue-ready power for five years
• A zero-dollar total cost of ownership for the first five years of use. (No need to replace or pay for electrode pads or batteries for five years.)
• Help for rescuers in the form of audio prompts, text messages, and highlighted graphical icons.

ZOLL’s AED Plus™ also offers UNSURPASSED:

Durability and ruggedness – It passes a one-meter drop test and is protected from any kind of dust or water spray (Ingress Protection = IP55)
Battery architecture – Unlike every other AED, the AED Plus has two separate, redundant power circuits, each powered by five lithium batteries. These two circuits back each other up. Each can be called on to replace the other if for some reason one circuit fails. A single circuit of five batteries is fully capable of developing a shock of 200 Joules all on its own. Whenever the AED Plus™ presents a red X and tells you to “change batteries,” there is still enough power available for more than 100 shocks.

AED Plus™ Package Includes:

AED Plus™ 
• One CPR-D Padz
• One Sleeve of Batteries
• (5)Five Year Limited Warranty

Carry case is not included

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